Offerings from WARZONE: CQB in Hong Kong Indoors

A wide range of game modes & gear is available in War Zone, allowing you to personalize your experience to your tastes.

Are you and your team unsure of what kind of indoors CQB will be best for them?

Here’s a quick rundown of the services we provide:


Arc-light Gel Blaster Tag

A fantastic approach to becoming competitive with friends is to play hong kong indoor cqb. Immerse yourself in a range shooting themed zones that challenge your strategic thinking and aim.

Indoor hong kong cqb battle enables you to have fun in a realistic yet regulated environment, whether you’re playing capture your flag, king of the hill, or another game variant. Each team has the freedom to develop its strategy and execute it on the field using the tools it chooses.


NERF (for children ages four and above)

Perfect for youngsters who desire the pleasure of a wargame and whose parents want a safe and supervised pastime.

Ten meters is the effective range of these low-powered blasters that fire foam darts.

  • Offerings from the Battlefield – Nerf
  • War Zone – Airsoft – – –

hong kong indoor cqb

AIRSOFT (12+ years old)

Airsoft is an excellent option for individuals looking for a more intense yet safe CQB experience. The plastic pellets fired by these blasters range 5-20 meters and are recommended for users aged 12 and above.

GEL BLASTER (over the age of ten)

Gel blasters, an upgrade from the Nerf indoor CQB, are an excellent way for wargame newcomers to have a good time. Water BBs which pop on hits are fired from this weapon, giving it a combat range of 15 meters.

Offerings in the War Zone – Gel Blaster

Archery Tag ARCHERY TAG (ages ten and above)

Are you interested in trying your hand at archery tag? Our 20-pound drawing weight foam-tipped bows are perfect for you. Even though the archery tag differs from our other indoor CQB products, it’s still a popular choice among our customers.

CQB Game Modes Available in Indoor CQB

It’s not only about what you use to play that makes a difference. You might have a completely different experience in various game modes.

Indoor CQB provides an adrenaline-filled day during competitive entertainment, whether planning a birthday party for your child, bonding with your coworkers or having a competitive afternoon with company pals.


It takes place in our NATO and Soviet-themed zones. Each team tries to carry the other team’s flags while ensuring safety. When one team removes the opposing team’s flateam’sgs from their base, that side is declared the victor!

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