A Guide on How to Play Fantasy Premier League

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With only eight nations remaining and the final 11 days away, an old buddy is waiting in the wings. The Premier League and Fantasy Premier League reconvene on December 26 with the usual Boxing Day matchups, and FPL managers have some key decisions to make. How to become a Fantasy Premier League manager Covered. Here’s everything you need to know: How to Play Fantasy Premier League


FPL managers have £100,000 to spend on 15 players after signing up. 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders, 3 attackers make up a squad. Any Premier League club can send three players.

Team selection

Each Gameweek, managers must pick a starting XI from their 15-man squad. Any formation is allowed as long as it comprises a goalie, three defenders, two midfielders, and one forward. Always 90 minutes before the first Gameweek match.


Goals, assists, saves, and clean sheets get points.

Top Bonus Points System (BPS) performers in a match might receive extra bonus points.

Fantasy Soccer 101: How to Play Fantasy Premier League

11 starters score a team’s Gameweek points.

If a starting player doesn’t play, the first bench player’s points are counted. Two or three starting players miss games, too. Managers should rank their substitutes so their first-choice player is first in line. Managers must designate a Gameweek captain and vice-captain. If a captain doesn’t play, the vice-score is doubled.


Create a league and email friends the code to join. To 25 invitational leagues. A league can have unlimited teams. Managers can also join a 20-team public league. Five public leagues are available.


Managers have one free transfer per Gameweek after the first deadline. This allows them to sign a player in return for a member of their 15-man squad, if the swap is within budget.

Managers lose four points each move during a Gameweek. If managers don’t use their free transfer, they can have two next Gameweek. They can only get two free transfers.


During the season, player prices alter based on popularity among managers. A player who starts at £7.0m and is transferred to many teams could reach £7.5m or more. Managers who own a player while his price rises will profit if they sell him. They must pay a 50% sell-on fee, rounded to £0.1m. In the preceding example, managers would receive £7.2m when transferring the player whose price rose from £7.0m to £7.5m.


Five chips can enhance a team’s Gameweek points total.

  1. Wildcard – Rebuild without losing points (twice a season)
  2. Triple Captain – Get 3x your captain’s point
  3. Bench Boost: Earn points from substitute
  4. Free Hit – Reset your team for one week.

The Wildcard allows managers to make unlimited free transfers in a Gameweek. This allows a 15-man team to be overhauled. Each half-season has one Wildcard. Gameweeks can only use one chip.

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