The Perfect Venue For Your Australian Wedding

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Melbourne frequently serves as a venue for exhibits, expos, gatherings, and corporate events due to its status as a hub for worldwide industry. Melbourne offers conference venues, from intimate boutique hotels with meeting spaces to big, purpose-built exhibition halls. Each location offers a unique assortment of amenities and services, as well as a range of seating options and costs. The size and type of the event will determine the ideal conference location in Melbourne.


Melbourne is an excellent location for a wedding.

Early in the 1990s, Docklands’ former port and rail became a chic urban waterfront. You may locate an ideal venue for your inner-city wedding in the Docklands, where Melbourne’s city limits and the water meet. With the city as your background, you may pick from several function locations that will fit your wedding, from cocktail packages to formal sit-down receptions.

There is an event room in Docklands named Harbour Kitchen with breathtaking waterfront views. Their innovation and sustainability are the world’s top-rated convention centre for its environmental performance. The magnificent pavilion area is encased in glass and offers exquisite views of the city skyline and lake.

These incredible wedding locations provide gorgeous scenery, a fun ambiance, and a memorable setting at the top of your wedding planning wish list on their amenities and services, including:

Wedding gardens along the water

  • Right outside conference rooms
  • Unique to each function
  • An Incredible view of Victoria Harbour
  • Summertime shade provided by umbrellas
  • Warming in the Winter

Site Amenities

  • The screen and a data projector
  • An enchanted dance floor
  • Complete heating and cooling
  • With distinctive flora and fairy lights

DJ / Music

  • An accessible house DJ
  • powerful DJ gear available for rent
  • Background music through an AUX connection
  • Bringing your band and DJ

Harbour Kitchen

Wedding Venue Specifics

  • Beautiful view of the water
  • A wall of lush vegetation
  • regal marble bar
  • only specific to function
  • Flexible set-up arrangements

Drinks & Food Services

  • Delectable catering
  • Platters of fine canapes and snacks
  • Set menus versus buffets
  • Beverage packaging

Their Service

  • 5-star personnel that is diligent and welcoming
  • team of chefs with imagination and skill
  • An event planner with passion and dedication

Their wedding specialists team created a nuptials package that meets the couple’s interests and budget. Their meals are on-site by their skilled staff of chefs, and they provide beverage packages and bar tab alternatives. The front-of-house personnel is enthusiastic and dedicated to ensuring the event is unique. Public transportation, parking, and lodging choices are all conveniently in Melbourne’s CBD.

You can enjoy a stylish wedding celebration at Harbour Kitchen Events & Functions. Based on gender, the team is non-discriminatory. They instead provide everyone with delightful presents. To quickly book a venue for your wedding, fill out the form.

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